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How Should LED Display Be Disinfected?

- Jan 18, 2021 -

1. LED display is recommended to use 75% medical alcohol for disinfection and wiping, and wipe with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible after disinfection;

2. Do not directly use 84 disinfectant to wipe the surface of LED lamp beads, plastic and other electronic parts to avoid corrosion;

3. The workshop, warehouse and activity site disinfection should pay attention to cut off the power supply, eliminate open fire, prevent static electricity, maintain ventilation and pay attention to safety

The more commonly used 84 disinfectant contains chlorine and bromine components, which will corrode LED devices and display products and cause irreversible damage, so it can not be directly used to disinfect LED display screens. In addition to 84 disinfectant, other disinfectants containing bromine, chlorine dioxide disinfection products also need to be used with caution.